Bunch was born in the middle of 2010 in Barcelona with the union of 3 people who were passionate about the sport with completely different profiles: a textile industrialist, a graphic designer and a product designer.

Lovers of the quality products, immediately after its link with the sport and the participation in sports events, they began offering technical personalized articles for clubs, putting the focus in the swimming, cycling and athletics. But also with the outdoors sports in general like the trail or the volleyball beach.

From this day its obsession was offer technical articles to go in for sport, studying in detail the pattern design and the confection, simultaneously that making care very much of the image and the design to offer a very singular en differentiated product.

Already from its beginning, Bunch is a community that has not stops growing up with a team formed by athletes of triathlon, volley beach, trail, cyclists such as riders and lovers of SUP or skim. And all of this thanks to a group of people excited about everything they do and that share its way of understanding the life and the sport.


Do you want any equipment completely personalized for you or for your club? Get in touch with us and we will help you to find a concept, design or even the pattern design that adapts to your needs. Differ from the hundreds of sportsmen that surround you in every race. We look for very different designs to find the perfect combination: fashion and efficiency with a different attitude.

We believe in the local and proximity talent, that’s the reason why our processes and steps to create an article from the concept, design and pattern design to the impression and confection of our clothes, they are carried out in Barcelona. Also, the textiles and materials that we use are local and European products

The whole process is supervised by us in detail, as if we were going to use it in our most important race, because this way it’s as we insure ourselves of offering a technical high performance product.